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Fox River Trolley Museum
Preserving the Past

Our Foundation is entrusted to restore and preserve the past for future generations to enjoy.  From the Trolley that served Elgin to Aurora, to the Chicago 90 mph Northshore Milwaukee Trolley, vintage locomotives, and antique caboose - the museum has many treasures. We enjoy sharing the joy and history of travel of a 100 years ago.  See our schedule and upcoming events at:

Rotary Club of Elgin
Providing for the Future

Serving the Community since 1922.


Our Foundation provides:  Funding and assistance for community projects and scholarships for local students.   Onto our next century of service!  We make a difference!  We provide over $30,000 in grants and scholarships each year. This local club is active in the Elgin/South Elgin community.  The Club is part of Rotary International which has 1.2 million members. Our motto is "Service Above Self"

Connect at:

847 888 2555 - Ask for Laurie

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